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 IrisGlobe Services


IRISGLOBE provides professional services in the International Affairs and Renewable Energy Consultancy as well as in the Media Sectors. 

IRISGLOBE provides consulting services to the Private and Public Sectors.

IRISGLOBE Consulting Unit specializes in the international law, business process re-engineering, renewable
energy, and business intelligence. 

IRISGLOBE's mission is to support private and public enterprises in preparing for the upcoming competitive

environment due to globalization, and entry of countries in the WTO ( World Trade Organization) , Kioto Protocol
and the Euro-Med Agreement.

IRISGLOBE approach is to provide turnkey solutions consisting of comprehensive hand-on value-added

consulting services, including implementation of system and procedures and follow-up, assisting our clients in

achieving their objectives.

IRISGLOBE assists in:

 - Reorganizing the structure, developing adequate policies and procedures and re-engineering the business


 - Legal studies conform to local and international laws.

 - Developing and properly communicating the corporate strategy.

 - Enhancing the financial planning capabilities.

 - Enhancing the financial management capabilities .

 - Developing the information strategic plans.

 IRIS Media is a 360 degrees Media Company working in various aspects of media business ranging from

Advertising to editing and Publishing newspapers, magazines, special editions, books and providing

newspapers, magazines, radios and TV in many Arabic and European countries by articles, comments ,reports

with whole coverage of events ,publicity, exhibitions and PR campaigns.




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