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Humanitarian Aid

IRISGLOBE (IG) has dedicated funds, resources and efforts to support non-profit organizations in providing aid and relief to people in suffering. Through its mapping of needs and in country capacity, IG provides the means to link donations and resources entrusted with it to where it is needed most.
IG has been engaged in humanitarian aid and relief since 2006. Working through local non-profit organizations, and utilizing its wide network of resources , IG has been able to provide support to vulnerable populations. IG began its relief efforts during the 2006 war in Lebanon, and provided aid to families directly affected by the disaster, through a local NGO called Lebanon Direct Help (LDH). Working through non profit organizations like LDH, IG is able to bridge financial and human resources and experts to populations in need. In doing so, IG is also building the capacity of local NGOs to respond to local needs.

IRISGLOBE, linking resources and people in need.


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