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 IrisGlobe Corporate Profile


 Name           : IRIS Group Ltd. for International Affairs Consultancy, Media, Advertising, TV Productions & Public Relations.

 Established : Beirut   1993 .

 Branches     : London  (2001), Dubai  (2006 ), Tokyo (2007).

Corporate Profile: IRIS Group is operating and working in International Affairs and Renewable Energy Consultancy in several countries as  Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Lybia, Kuwait, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, UK, France, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Sierra Leone as experts in Solar, Wind, and Hydro Stream in addition to different environment friendly energy resources.

IRIS Media, as a member of IRIS Group, is a 360 degrees Media Company working in various aspects of media business ranging from editing and publishing newspapers, magazines, books to providing newspapers, magazines, radios & TV in many Arabic countries especially in Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, etc… by articles, comments, reports with whole coverage of events,  publicities and PR campaigns.

IRIS Media owns , have shares or cooperate with many publications as Al Moussawar, Al Mushahid, Al Hadeel, Assfar, Oman Daily, Observer, etc… It also owns TV production company specialized in documentaries.

The aim of IRISGlobe Tokyo office is to
be the consistent link that bridges, initiates and facilitates the expansion of the important relationship into areas that strengthen the Gulf, the Middle East, Africa - Japan, Far East ties in several aspects.

This concept has been met with enthusiastic approval from various sectors.
IRISGLOBE conducted fruitful discussions and meetings with many Arab, African, and Japanese organizations, institutions, companies, media houses etc...

Imad Ajami
Media & International Affairs Consultant, Experienced Journalist, Producer & Director of TV News and Documentary Programs , Motivated with Excellent Communication Skills and the Ability to Work Creatively under Pressure to Tight Deadlines. Experienced in Various Aspects of the Media Business Ranging from Editing and Publishing Weekly and Daily Print Publications to News Agency Work to Public Relations and Communications in Both Private and Public Sectors.
Work Experience:
1970 to 1975

Senior Editor of the Lebanese daily Al-Yom, Turkiye Tribune Correspondent. Moved to Paris as Representative of the Lebanese News Agency in Europe.

1975 to 1980

Chairman of Ajab Group in Paris.

1980 to 1983
General Director of Information & Official Spokesman of the Lebanese Parliament.

1983 to 1993
General Director of Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) in Lebanon & Advisor to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information. Publisher & Ed.in Chief of Al Moussawar Weekly Pan Arab Magazinee.

 1993 till now
Owner of the Weekly Magazines "Al Moussawar Al Jadid"&"Al Moushahed". Established and Managed "Iris Group"in Beirut & London,a 360 degree Media Company… for Media, Advertising, TV Production, Consultancy & Public Relations. Produced and Directed TV Documentaries as British Production Company Based in London. 2005 besides Beirut, Dubai & London Branches Iris launch Tokyo Branch.

1997 to 1998

Professor of Journalism at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Communication.
Fascist Agenda in Eritrea.1974
Work Plan for the Communication Dept. of the Lebanese Parliament.1981
The Lebanese Issue, Regionally & Internationally. 1984
Kuwaiti Communication Work Plan.1991
Islam wa Mouslimoun tahat al Mijhar /TV Documentary. 2004
Kadhafi Women Bodyguard /TV Doc. 2006


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